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About Us



Sunway has been providing the greater Bay Area with hardwood flooring, laminate, and cabinetry for the past 17 years. All of the flooring and cabinets in our store are our own brand - there is no middle man driving up prices.


  • Our cabinets are sourced from high-quality timber in North and South Carolina, and then manufactured in China - the savings that we gain in labor costs are passed on to the customer, making our cabinets both high quality and affordable

  • KCMA certified and Carb 2 compliant


  • Our hardwood flooring is sourced from several countries in South America and Asia, ensuring quality and authenticity

  • Our laminates are comparable to those found at Home Depot, Lowes, etc., but are nearly 50% cheaper

  • Carb 2 compliant

We also carry bathtubs, showers, vanities, and anything else you could want for a bathroom, making us a one stop shop for your remodeling needs at home.  

The quality of our products, affordability, and careful attention to each customer's needs are what have kept us serving the Bay Area and are what set us apart. Reach out today for a quote!

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